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CSUnite is an all-university walk and community gathering to stand up for our university principles and demonstrate that CSU is No Place for Hate. All faculty, staff and students, and supporters of our Ram community are encouraged to come together at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 29, 2018, at Newton’s Corner (the sculpture at the intersection of Pitkin and Centre, just south of the Behavioral Sciences Building). The event will begin with opening remarks followed by a short solidarity walk to the Lory Student Center Plaza. At the Plaza, there will be a brief program and opportunities for learning and action. President Tony Frank addressed the event in his Spring Break Message to campus.

CSUnite: No Place for Hate, an all-university walk and community gathering, took place on March 29, 2018

Purpose of the Event

This event is intended to promote an inclusive campus and to acknowledge we cannot move forward as a community unless we do so together. Organized as a peaceful assembly against hate, CSUnite should not be perceived as an end in itself – the walk and gathering are symbolic gestures that build on the ongoing work across the institution to stand up to ignorance and hate with education, knowledge, and understanding. Throughout this year, CSU has experienced racist and hateful acts, including a noose hung in a residence hall, racist and sexist graffiti, and recruitment activities by white supremacist groups through flyers and posters. We realize we cannot stop all words and actions of hate, delivered with malice, disrespect or disregard, but we can refuse to sit silently and compliantly as a response. This event is just one small step in a long walk we must undertake together to send the message that Colorado State University is No Place 4 H8.*

Where: The event will begin at Newton’s Corner (the large sculpture on Pitkin, just south of the Behavioral Sciences Building) and then proceed to the LSC Plaza.
When: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 3-5 p.m.

How to Respond to Incidents of Bias & Hate

What are incidents of bias and hate, and what should you do if you are the target of such incidents or witness someone else being targeted? The Southern Poverty Law Center suggests steps you can take, and there is a Tell Someone system in place at CSU that allows you to report incidents of bias and hate on campus. See the How to Respond to Incidents of Bias & Hate resource page.

Faculty – A Guide for Engaging Students

The Provost’s Office and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity created A Guide for Engaging Students in Campus Events as a resource for faculty. The guide offers ideas to assist and encourage classroom discussion pertaining to CSUnite, but also to promote such proactive conversations around the many campus events, speakers and free speech issues that occur throughout the year. The guide is designed to help faculty facilitate these types of learning opportunities, while mitigating harm and promoting dialogue. It can be located on the Faculty Resources page with other resources faculty might consult in order to engage their students around First Amendment topics.


Who can participate?

All members of the CSU community and anyone who wants to demonstrate their support for helping all of our students, faculty, and staff know that they are welcome at Colorado State University – and that we collectively care about the safety, peace of mind, and well-bring of all members of our campus community.

Will classes be cancelled?

No. The decision to hold or cancel class is up to individual faculty members. Faculty are welcome and encouraged to bring their classes to participate in the event, if they are able to adjust their lesson plan. A resource document titled A Guide for Engaging Students in Campus Events is available on the Faculty Resources page for faculty who are unable to adjust their lesson plan but still want to acknowledge the CSUnite event and its purpose with their students. Faculty and students in buildings around the periphery of the event may encounter some disruption due to crowds and noise from the event.

What about students who have to work?

Like any large event, not everyone who wants to participate will be able to. Educational resources will be made available online (after spring break) for those who are interested but cannot attend.

Do I have to register to participate?

No. Registration is not required, but there is a Facebook Event page, if you would like to register your interest or an intent to attend.

Is this a political event?

No. These issues transcend politics and impact all of us. People of varied viewpoints are encouraged to stand up and help make the statement that CSU is No Place for Hate.

*“No Place 4 H8” is a campaign that started in Housing & Dining Services and has been adopted campus-wide as a collective message. It embodies the values of CSU’s Principles of Community as a call to action for members of our community to do their part to create an inclusive community for all. As a CSU community, we value different perspectives, experiences and expression of thought. We do not condone or normalize hate in our spaces. #CSUnite #NoPlace4H8